Recovery of Funds

We could recover several hundred of millions of Dollars for creditors, be one of these happy people who could refund their funds.

Our debt collection & recovery lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE and Egypt represent clients before the court and in relation to public authorities and third parties for multi – cases which involve debt collection by offering full service for reconciliation, legal assistance in the recovery procedure debts – foreclosure, legal services in drafting applications and representation in each enforcement phase of judgments.

By working with our attorneys in UAE, an insolvency issue will come to a straight end by offering the most suitable resolution for your company.

Any action which is requested for representing you before the UAE and Egypt’s Courts and even in post procedural stages are successfully achieved by our lawyers in U.A.E.

Our lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo Egypt are working in debt collection, execution of judgments internationally, attachment of debtors properties , seize and arrest of ships, and recovery of funds, we first studied this art and science of collection at the biggest banks theoretically and practically and learned how to handle each case separately, we represent clients, banks, major companies in all over the world who rely on our efforts to recover the loans, bad debts, checks, bills of exchange, execute civil and criminal rulings and judgments, in this respect we made a track record and no one will challenge us in this area of practice, we learned the recovery industry as science and got expertise since 1983, and worldwide we are trusted.
We help banks and projects to collect its dues; we help also in execution of sentences issuance of Interpol advises.