Our law firm’s offices in Cairo, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai U.A.E are counted of the best criminal law firms in U.A.E, Our criminal lawyer are very well trained for all criminal law charges. The U.A.E. criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic sharia, and modern criminal codes, that’s why you will always need a native Arabic speaking criminal lawyer, attorney & legal consultant who understand the law and Islamic rules interpretationو Schools of Islamic jurisprudence too.

Our U.A.E & Egypt law office has a team of criminal law lawyers who represent client’s accused of federal & local crimes and criminal offenses in the U.A.E. Our criminal law lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and criminal courts. Our criminal lawyers work with their clients until the case is closed in first instance court/ appeal court / supreme or Cassation court. Our criminal law lawyers guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally and fully defended throughout the entire justice process.

Our Emirati lawyer is a Professional criminal law lawyer always ready to assist any defendant who faces any difficulty with criminal law in U.A.E. Our Emirati lawyer is very famous among criminal legal consultants, he is specialized in criminal law, Corporate, divorce, family, construction & Property Law in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

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