Our Law firm is a private Firm in the UAE of highly qualified lawyers, legal consultants, advocates and we believe that clients’ success determines our own, and supporting our clients is highest priority.

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We are providing legal services to clients in the Middle East since 1981, We ensure that our clients receive sound, strategic legal advice which is pragmatic and realistic.

​As a full spectrum of regional and international law firm operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Egypt Cairo, providing services of many law practice areas starting From business, real estate, corporate, trademark/patent to immigration, criminal and family law, and Our law firm caters to the varying needs of the clients.

If you can’t afford a lawyer services in UAE don’t worry both of Dubai & Abu Dhabi governorates are supporting pro bono services.

An accused person in a case involving a possible life sentence automatically gets a government appointed lawyer, while those facing prison terms of between three and fifteen years can ask for a court-appointed lawyer, if they cannot afford one. From 2012, the first public defender’s office, which is a new service introduced by the Community Development Authority, will provide free legal representation for anyone accused of a criminal offence – if they cannot afford a lawyer by themselves.

The DIFC Courts are an independent common law judiciary based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) with jurisdiction over civil and commercial disputes in or relating to the DIFC. For disputes involving companies based in DIFC, litigants on modest incomes can apply to get pro-bono (free legal advice) from a fund set up by the DIFC Courts. You will need to download the initial form from the DIFC Court’s website.


Dubai Police Legal Affairs Department also has a free online service called ‘Your Legal Consultant’ to receive legal advice online in English and Arabic. It may take up to 5 working days for a response depending on the query which range from simple to complex enquiries on criminal, administrative, traffic law or other miscellaneous enquiries. Legal Consultant’ to receive legal advice online in English and Arabic.