Ezz law firm has international tax specialists in Cairo Egypt who are working close cooperation with the other members of tax syndicates and routinely advise clients on such matters as transfer pricing requirements, capitalization of foreign entities, structuring to maximize tax benefits, foreign tax credit limitations, corporate stamp, duty tax, etc. We have engaged in such innovative projects as running a program to secure certain intellectual property payments from enterprises free from withholding tax. Our tax specialists are particularly active in helping our clients to develop solid bases for the pricing of goods and services when sold to related entities, and stand ready to defend those policies in the event that they should happen to be challenged.

We have a track record in taxes and custom duties laws of UAE and Egypt law, we won many customs and taxes cases by millions of dollars against custom duties, and tax authorities for non-compliance with tax and customs laws.
Call our U.A.E, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Cairo Egypt corporate, commercial tax & customs and Bankruptcy Attorneys and we will give business and corporate tax advise.