Ezz law firm has international tax specialists in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE who are working close to corporate, business and commercial for routinely advise clients on tax & customs matters as transfer pricing requirements, capitalization of foreign entities, structuring to maximize tax benefits, foreign tax credit limitations, corporate stamp, duty tax, fiscal stamp, etc. We have engaged in such innovative projects as running a program to secure certain intellectual property payments from enterprises free from withholding tax. Our tax specialists are particularly active in helping our clients to develop solid bases for the pricing of goods and services when sold to related entities, and stand ready to defend those policies in the event that they should happen to be challenged.

We have a track record in taxes and custom duties laws of UAE and Egypt law, we won many customs and taxes cases by millions of dollars against custom duties, and tax authorities for non-compliance with tax and customs laws.
Call our U.A.E, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Cairo Egypt corporate, commercial tax & customs and Bankruptcy Attorneys and we will give business and corporate tax advise.

With an Egyptian & Emirati experienced lawyers & legal consultants possessing a wide range of expertise areas advise clients on transactions, tax issues and planning, tax compliance matters. Our attorneys in Egypt resolve disputes of our corporate customers with Egyptian Tax Authority, as well as representing clients before courts.

We guide ou clients in Egypt Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE banks, companies, individuals to deal with taxes in Egypt:-

Income taxes

There are two forms of income tax in Egypt: one levied on individual sources of income and another general income tax on total income.

Sources are classified as follows:

  • Income from movable capital: Earnings from interest, executive fees, et cetera, taxed at 30%
  • Income from immovable capital:Earnings from land and other real estate investments, taxed at a rate between 20%-48% depending on the nature of the properties
  • Commercial and industrial profits: Earnings from business enterprises that are not covered under the corporate tax system, taxed between 20%-48%
  • Professional fees:Simply a term used to describe the earnings of professionals such as lawyers and engineers. These, too, are taxed at a rate between 20-40%.
  • Salaries:Earnings from a salary paid to you in Egypt or from abroad for services you perform in Egypt. Housing allowances provided by companies for foreigners living in Egypt are exempt from this tax. LE50,000 of salaries are taxed at a flat rate of 20%, and the amount over that at 32%

Once you have paid taxes on your individual sources of income, you can look forward to paying general income tax, levied on your aggregate earnings. General income tax is applied at a variable rate, at a maximum 65% for earnings totalling over LE200,000 per year.

Finally, a thoroughly infuriating “development tax” is levied on all individual and corporate earnings in excess of LE18,000 per year.

Value added tax – Sales Tx

Egyptian sales tax ranges from 10-50% on goods and 5-10% for services. It is usually built into the advertised prices of goods and services.

The last decade has seen an eye-watering increase in UAE & Egypt tax complexity. We will find a path through the maze for you.

Our team of tax law experts have the experience, knowledge and foresight to add considerable value to whatever kind of transaction you are dealing with. As well as owners of companies large and small, we advise a wide range of individuals and investors from venture capitalists to business angels.

We also have dedicated real estate taxation specialists who can structure property transactions in the most effective.

Our tax expert’s technical expertise is combined with a commercial and responsive approach to all transactions. Understanding the individual requirements of each situation allows the team to offer pragmatic and practical advice, proven to future-proof each transaction. Their ability to remain in touch with the constant changes in the law also ensures their solutions are consistently innovative and continue to get the best possible results for our clients..

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Other taxes

If you own any rental or improved agricultural property (essentially if you have invested in real estate), these holdings are taxed at 10% of their annual rental value.

Stamp duty is levied on official documents, generally in a mercifully insignificant amount. All banking transactions are subject to tax, Contracts for company formation come with a tax and company registration is subject to tax.

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