Maritime law

Our lawyers, attorneys are Focusing on maritime and admiralty personal injury claims against cruise lines and other boat owners, our maritime lawyers represent passengers and crew injured on ships worldwide.

Our maritime lawyers handle:
• Injuries to passengers on cruise ships leaving from Port.
• Seaman’s personal injury and death.
• Pleasure boat accidents
• Cargo claims and subrogation
• Collisions of ships and boats
• Crew wage claims
• Fires in marinas, boat yards, and aboard ships and yachts
• Interstate Commerce Act claims such as Hi-jacking and theft of cargo
• Maritime Liens for repairs, necessaries, and crew wages
• Salvage claims
• Cruise ship claims
• Boat, Cargo, Collisions, wage, Fires, boat, ships, yachts accidents.
These injuries can end the career of a sailor, seaman, or any other maritime worker. Due to the physical demands of working at sea, severe injuries to the hands, arms, legs or back can be catastrophic.

Because many oil production and offshore companies have offices in Egypt and UAE, Egypt lawyer’s office is conveniently located close to the court where your claim may need to be filed. Many offshore workers leave out to go to the rigs or to board their work boats. Their claims can be filled in Egypt, UAE and many must be filed in.

Ezz & Avocato attorneys and advocates are also licensed to practice law in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo Egypt, and Alexandria, port Said in Egypt, which allows us to handle cases in these courts.
We also understand the importance of winning, which is why we’ve achieved the results that we have.

Our trial record confirms that, unlike many firms, we are always willing to devote whatever resources are necessary to ensuring that our clients are fully compensated.

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