On the contrary of many medical professionals who believe the 2008 UAE federal law, as it stands, doesn’t favor them if it comes to a dispute with a patient, and often their license to practice is in the balance, but we are sure that the law is fair enough to deal with many of medical malpractice cases who will be helpless without this law.

Health officials say they are aware of the law’s problems, and discussions were held last summer between Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Executive Committee with a view to amending parts of the legislation.

United Arab Emirate’s bid to emulate US standards with considering the need to adapt them to local dynamics.

Our UAE in Abu Dhabi & Dubai system is very advanced and the society is very educated and understanding, they have implemented all the rules and regulations with deep thinking of social changes.

If you are in right corner and there was a real medical malpractice, the impact of a case of medical negligence could have on license of defaulter,  An investigation could result in passports being taken, pending findings.

The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi is on the right path by allowing people to report anonymously,

However, instead of blaming the system for everything, doctors and other healthcare workers must also be aware of the law and know their duties towards patients,

“A basic knowledge of law is required to avoid pitfalls, and it safeguards errors arising as a result of ignorance,” he said.

At our Dubai & Abu Dhabi law firm we are reviewing medical malpractice, and all professional malpractice laws and we are very proud to have such a laws in the U.A.E, the professional liability law. we have perfect laws and one of the state-of-the-art professional liability laws in the region.”

Saaedi Advocates and Legal Consultants, in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, said local health authorities across the country must push for better reporting of unintended, so-called sentinel events that occur in a hospital setting


On its way upward when the United Arab Emirates was being transformed into a country of ravishing skyscrapers, diverse business opportunities and world-class infrastructure facilities; the Government of the United Arab Emirates realized that its own elite class of local Arabs was turning to the West for medical treatments and therefore a business opportunity was being missed. For a country that has developed and transformed at a lighting fast speed, this was a wake-up call. Besides developing sophisticated medical infrastructure to advance medical tourism, the need for a conclusive legislation was felt. The present article discusses medical malpractice under UAE law.

In light of the aforesaid, the Federal Law 10 of 2008 (Medical Liability Law) was enacted in the UAE. This law governs the specific aspects of the medical profession and the relationship between doctors and patients. Before 20008.

What the law does provide is that they would observe care in treatment of patients and be professionals in their respective field. This law recognizes the existence of the duty to care for a patient by each physician and penalizing the latter when due to his negligence or lack of professionalism the patient suffers injury or damage. The Law clearly states that such lesions (for which claims are being made) must be derived solely and exclusively from medical negligence or in other words, determining whether any other doctor of same repute, similar degree of technical and scientific competence and with the same case study would have acted in a different manner.

Not only medical malpractice but any professional malpractice is subject to compensations based on the provision of the UAE Civil Code (Federal Law No.5 of 1985) or on the Penal Code (Federal Law no.3 of 1987).

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