EZZ law firm is a international legal consultancy and litigation law firm offering legal consultancy by the best legal consultants in both of Egypt Cairo, U.A.E. Abu Dhabi and Dubai we render legal services to individuals and corporate, commercial, business,  including family, criminal, banking, construction, labor, maritime, internet, contracts, internet cybercrime, computer, employment, and company law.

As a global business advisory firm that provides multidisciplinary solutions to complex challenges and opportunities. With the full power of unique depth of thought combined with the global expertise of leading professionals, we are committed to protecting and enhancing the enterprise value of our clients.

With Ezz legal consultants Clients will only focus on their business because we shall focus on defending them.

Ezz & Saaedi law firm have best legal consultants who have relevant and proven experience. We guide clients to the best match from our consultants for their project requirements and they’ll quickly see the results and expertise their business need.

We are the law firm of the future – a place where people business or normal can get the best legal advice from lawyers at the top of their practices.

Ezz law firm we’ve created isn’t just about entrepreneurial thinking, or using technology to our advantage, or finding ways of working that give our lawyers the flexibility to deliver the dedicated and personal service their clients need. It’s also about an attitude – a belief that the greatest success comes from empowering those you work with to enable them to achieve their very best

 “Our lawyers & attorneys are commercial and client focused”

“Our lawyers & attorneys will always deliver what we promise”

“Our lawyers & attorneys understand our clients’ needs”

“Our lawyers & attorneys are personal and family lawyers”


Global consulting services

We offer a unique proposition: a leading management consultancy within a global law firm.

An innovative and proactive stance is being adopted by legal counsel at some of the world’s leading organizations.

There is a real sense that General Counsel and their in-house lawyers can add measurable value, deal with risk and compliance, deliver greater efficiency and even generate profit metrics

Ezz Consulting is a unique mix of highly experienced consultants, lawyers, risk specialists who can help clients deliver their objectives and improve efficiency.

We have worked with the legal departments of major companies around the globe, to deliver legal strategy, risk and compliance control and international records management, HR services and specialist financial services compliance through the design of better processes that allow our clients to demonstrate real benefits to their businesses.

We work with major companies around the globe to deliver legal strategies, improve efficiency, manage legal talent, embed a culture of compliance, provide interim resourcing solutions and project management, allowing our clients to demonstrate real benefits to their businesses.

You rely on Ezz law firm’s specialists in:

  • Legal strategy development and implementation;
  • Risk and compliance implementation;
  • Dealing with legal suppliers.
  • Financial Services Regulatory Compliance; Interim/flexible resources;
  • Legal business process excellence and efficiency;
  • Talent Management;
  • Project management;
  • Records management;

You can rely on Ezz & Sardi international law firm, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Egypt legal consultancy because we brought best legal consultants in business, commercial, corporate, banking, insurance, maritime, labor, criminal, civil and family law, we shall always be accurate precise definitive to you queries.

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