How to become a lawyer in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rak, Ajman, Um Alquin, Al Fujiarah

According to Article 6, 7 of law no 23 / 1991 that was amended by Federal Law No. 20/1997 on 08/02/1997 which stipulated to register lawyers only according to the following terms:-

Article 6 – constraint in terms of registering a lawyers at the records of ministry of justice:-
1 – To be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.
2 – His age is not less than twenty-one calendar year.
3 – To be a fully qualified with goo biography, reputed not convicted of a felony or judicially misdemeanor affecting honor or honesty or sentenced to disciplinary action in one of these crimes.
4 – That have obtained a degree in law or Sharia law from a university or higher institutes recognized by the state or its equivalent.
5 – That have passed the training period provided for in Article 8 of this law.

According to Article 7 of law no 23 / 1991 that was amended in the first article of the Federal Law No. 20/1997 Date 08/02/1997 :-

It may be allowed to lawyers to be registered as active lawyers as to following conditions :-

1 – Who previously joined the judiciary or the public prosecution for at least two years?

2 – Who had a legal position in a federal or local government agencies or public institutions or public bodies or private sector for a period of not less than three years?