Our UAE & Egypt for Family, Criminal & intellectual property – IP issues cares about each client and will take the time to learn about the business of each client. This information enables the firm to provide superb counsel and to develop long-term relationships that will endure over time.  Our lawyers have clients that have been with the firm for over a 3 decades.

When you need a Family Criminal Defense, trademarks, Ip lawyers, advocates, Solicitor simply call free phone 00971503159583 or send email as soon as possible and we will call you. Our team of expert Criminal Defense Solicitors can provide legal representation anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE & Cairo Egypt.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt family & Criminal Defense Solicitors at Ezz Law Firm hired the best criminal Lawyers who have an excellent track record successfully defending people facing criminal charges in summary Court, Appeal Court and the Supreme Court in all criminal matters including trademarks, Ip, copyright infringements and criminal family issues not only in Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE, Egypt Cairo but in whole Gulf and middle East we are involved in critical issues and sorted out successfully attained the expected results.

Our Criminal Defense Solicitors are available to help on a fixed fee basis so you know where you stand in terms of cost. We will maximize your chances of achieving the best result possible.

If you have been arrested or face a criminal charge in summary Court, Appeal Court and the Supreme Court, our Criminal Defense Solicitors at our Law Firm can provide both expert legal advice and specialist criminal defense services. We have been involved in many high profile cases and are trusted legal advisors & criminal law lawyers to a range of individuals, companies who are accused in criminal law.

Our U.A.E. With Egypt Law Offices are boutique law firm based in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE offering legal services in the area of Criminal & intellectual property – IP – , Law including trademark law, copyright registration, Domain Names disputes, our criminal & copyright law firm in Gulf & Middle east in United Arab Emirates & Cairo Egypt grant an exclusive set of legal rights to the creator of a creative, artistic original work–such as a piece of writing, music or art–for a specific period of time. Under U.A.E. copyright laws, the owner may have the exclusive right to reproduce the work, or authorize others to reproduce it and to perform, display or transmit the work. If you or your company are creating works that are subject to copyright law, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E, Cairo Egypt Criminal & Trademarks  intellectual – IP -property attorneys, advocates with copyright experience can help you register your copyright with the U.A.E. Copyright Office and other foreign offices, sell or license your copyright, and aggressively protect your work from copyright infringement. A U.A.E. & Egypt Criminal & copyright lawyer can also help defend those accused of infringing another party’s copyrights

We aggressively defend your business and contractual matters. We represent corporate and commercial clients of all sizes, as well as individual entrepreneurs, designers, product developers, and Internet start-ups who operate in entertainment (video, music, TV), clothing and accessories, solar energy, health and fitness, restaurants, international sail-making and other fields of business.

Organizations of all dimensions need to protect their intellectual property, but since they do not have unlimited budgets to do so, we provide strategic business solutions at affordable fees. Our Dubai office with Abu Dhabi UAE , Cairo Egypt offices  provide clients with quality legal advice, specialized counsel, and committed and effective service in Criminal, Family, trademarks, IP, franchise matters whatever it is.