How to become a lawyer in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rak, Ajman, Um Alquin, Al Fujiarah:-

because so many lawyers frequently ask us about practicing the law before U.A.E. courts we hereby explain how to become a lawyer before courts of U.A.E:-

According to Article 6, 7 of law no 23 / 1991 that was amended by Federal Law No. 20/1997 on 08/02/1997 which stipulated to register lawyers only according to the following terms:-

Accordin to Article 6 in respect of constraint in terms of registering a lawyers at the records of United Arab of Emirate’s ministry of justice – Dubai Abu Dhabi -:-
1 – To be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.
2 – His age is not less than twenty-one calendar year.
3 – To be a fully qualified with goo biography, reputed not convicted of a felony or judicially misdemeanor affecting honor or honesty or sentenced to disciplinary action in one of these crimes.
4 – That have obtained a degree in law or Sharia law from a university or higher institutes recognized by the state or its equivalent.
5 – That have passed the training period provided for in Article 8 of this law.

According to Article 7 of law no 23 / 1991 that was amended in the first article of the Federal Law No. 20/1997 Date 08/02/1997 :-

It may be allowed to lawyers to be registered as active lawyers as to following conditions :-

1 – Who previously joined the judiciary or the public prosecution for at least two years?

2 – Who had a legal position in a federal or local government agencies or public institutions or public bodies or private sector for a period of not less than three years?
according to judicial system in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, which consists of three degrees; the Court of First Instance as the first degree of litigation, the Court of Appeal as the second degree, and the Court of Cassation – supreme – as the third and most supreme degree of litigation, our lawyers can defend you before local or Federal civil and criminal courts summary, appeal, supreme, cassation courts with ability to represent you in a manner that leads to get what’s your right, we never stop, desperate or retreat.