Ezz & Saaedi Law firm Abu Dhabi, Dubai Lawyers are Against insurance fraud in UAE, Against Semi fraud in insurance.

When you look at some practices of hospitals and Doctors when they file the claim against insurance companies they use unfair and excessive constant use of procedures which may consist a sort of fraud.

Some doctor’s buy an endoscopy unit which cost US $ 10000.00 ten thousand Dollars, but in life practice he impose this procedure – using this endoscopy - on every and each patient that need and that does not, this resulted in making claims at the amount of US $ 130000.00 one hundred thirty thousand Dollars from insurance co, and insurance companies are paying without asking themselves are all patients need such procedures???

The other example those doctors and hospitals who use the insurance id in their absence and make medical checkup, lab and scan for those patients who do not know about that.

From my point of view it should be obligatory that every doctor deals with insurance should have such equipment, and the cost of medical checking up should be included where he can’t claim any extra amount from insurance.

Also the commissions which is paid to labs, scans, M.r.i units are always at range of 40 % that is paid to the referring party, this means we can reduce the cost by 40 %.