Ezz law firm started since 1981 as international full services legal consultants, law & Arbitration firm in Cairo Egypt & UAE, We have talented team of lawyers, legal consultants, arbitrators who cover all the legal Fields from criminal, family, corporate, commerce, construction, property, buildings, banking, insurance, labor and maritime, take the correct, sophisticated advice and assistance counsel from the best Egyptian lawyers attorneys and solicitors in Egypt and around the world, are ready and willing to work around the clock, so don’t hesitate to call us any time, we will solve your problem.

An important factor in our renowned firm is the legal service provided by us. We’ve established a set of lawyers who are expertise in each field of law. The legal advice provided by us, is extremely crucial to our client. Therefore, we’ve established a team of solicitors to each have a meaningful input and opinion on our advice, before handed over to the client. Therefore, each advice provided is checked and rechecked by everyone to ensure there are no mistakes and is well fitted for any situation and for the client’s best interest. This further ensures that our clients’ needs are tailored accordingly.

Many of our clients are abroad thus, our solicitors & legal consultants are always interconnected by phone, email and post. We will always aim to respond promptly to any of your questions.

We pride ourselves on our relaxed, friendly and proficient service whilst adopting an innovative approach to fulfill our client’s requirements. We stand by our standards of service which are backed by our commitment to demanding personal standards of performance and proficiency which are supported by our accreditation to quality assurance standards. As an international law firm, we are ready and willing to work around the clock when required to do so.

We are serving all kind of persons, companies Whether Egyptians, Expats, foreigners resident and nonresident in Egypt or outside , we understand your needs and react promptly, consult our best Egyptian civil, criminal, corporate, construction .lawyers