labor case study :- Real labor law suit Case was wined.

– Whereas Our American Nation was appointed under the employment of foreign services dated agreement in 26.05.2011 and concluded between 0000000000 International Inc which is FZ free zone Company in Dubai. – to be appointed in Technical Services –  at the post of   research and development director for an unlimited duration  – As described in the Convention concluded between the defendant and.

Suddenly the employer terminated the services of our employee and refused to pay him his dues like severance pay, accumulated leaves, compensation for arbitrary end of service.

We filed a labor claim at labor office in Abu Dhabi but the defendant argued that there is no rights are due and challenged that there is no jurisdiction to Abu Dhabi labor courts and he has no right to return against the local company in Abu Dhabi and he has to file lawsuit at Dubai Labor courts.

When labor office could not settle dispute amicably they referred the claim to Abu Dhabi Labor court.

Again before Abu Dhabi Labor courts both the principal company and the seconded to company argued same challenges they already mentioned to labor office.

We answered that both seconding company and seconded to companies are liable together for all the labor rights of any worker.

And our American worker should be paid the following compensation:-

1 – – Jointly to pay of all unpaid salaries.
2 – Jointly to pay of compensation for unfair dismissal.
3 –    – Jointly to pay one month salary as allowance of notice of termination.
4 – – Jointly to pay allowance annual for his holiday throughout his tenure in the first defendant.
5:- – Jointly to pay the end of service benefits – severance pays -.

6:- – Jointly to pay the value of return ticket to travel back to his country   including   his wife on a business class fair.
7 – – jointly to pay the value of shipping furniture and personal belongings to his country United States of America – U.S.A. –

The labor court of Abu Dhabi has passed its ruling to compel both companies to pay jointly the amount of $ U.S. Dollars of 217000.00 two hundred seventeen American Dollars or the Amount of AED 798560.00 Seven Hundred ninety eight thousand five hundred sixty Emirati Dirham.

Both parties agreed to this fair labor judgment and our client was paid all his dues.