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The UAE has a robust system in place to combat money laundering and suspicious financial activities. It is every passenger’s duty to declare and submit the appropriate forms to customs officials upon entering and departing the UAE.

In line with international criteria and global best practices, when entering or exiting the UAE, you are required to declare cash, or any other financial instrument exceeding AED 100,000. There is no restriction on the amount of cash that you may carry. The declaration is for monitoring and statistical purposes.



As Per requirements of Article (6) of Federal Law No. (4) Of 2002,

Regarding criminalization of money laundering, and following the

Regulation regarding declaration when importing cash into the UAE through travelers, shipments, postal parcels and parcels of

Postal companies. The minimal amount which should be declared

Was limited to AED 1000,000 (Hundred thousand dirhams) with regard to individuals who are 18 years old or above


As Per the said declaration system, customs officers at airports, ports and exit points have to submit or request all passengers to fill in a

Specially designed form, in order to maintain information, data and documents related to those individuals who carry cash into the country, for the purpose of using the same whenever necessary and to use as evidence if deemed necessary.

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