Our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Law firm is a private Firm in the UAE of highly qualified,  professional Corporate & criminal lawyers, legal consultants, advocates not only in Dubai we establish accurate fast justice but also in Abu Dhabi, Cairo Egypt law offices.

Dubai Law firms should be very fast, responsive, interactive with all client’s need and may also precede expectation of clients because Dubai is a very fast growing, developed Emirate and will not accept normal practicing lawyers, attorneys, legal consultants.

Dubai law firms should be familiar with corporate law, transactions conducted under international commercial contracts, international business contract law, transfer pricing, tax treaties, international litigation, arbitration & corporate regulations rules those arrange commercial practices and international rules of commerce.

Dubai lawyers advise clients when draft any contract that is should be legal because courts will not enforce contracts that are illegal. The illegal contract either specifies prohibited goods or services, or requires illegal activity in order to perform the terms of agreements.

As our Dubai law firm is a leader in criminal defense our Dubai criminal law lawyers advise all visitors, expats, foreigner that it’s prohibited to drink Alcohol, although non Muslim have the right to drink inside hotels and bars, they still get prosecuted for consuming alcohol without a license if they get into a trouble if they are caught break in any other criminal law.