Our UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Contract lawyers are your right selection for Preparation, negotiation and review of agreements & contracts including services agreements, IT services agreements, consultancy and construction agreements.

Our UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo Egypt lawyers have good commercial & civil, construction, banking, insurance, labor, real estate, property, franchise, contracts and agreements.
Our contracts lawyers have solid experience, a competent drafter with long term of experience of general services contracts and ideally have some experience of the construction, banking, insurance, labor, real estate, property, franchise contracts, agreements.
Our UAE & Egypt is the authority law firm on trade, corporate, import and export, banking transactions for trader who can furnish contracts to defend them.

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We are supporting persons and corporate to prepare contracts especially:-
• Delivery of procurement contracts through the correct governance.
• Implementation and interpretation of contracts and procurement processes and the resolution of issues.
• Reviewing third party terms and conditions providing advice and guidance to business units.
• Provision of advice and support to business & nature persons on the construction of contracts including ancillary contract documentation such as performance securities, parent company guarantees, bonds, purchase orders etc.

We are ready for drafting and negotiating a variety of contracts, we have strong understanding of procurement processes banking, shipping, corporate, import, export terminology and a track record of managing legal work and input from multiple sources.