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Since we started in 1981, till we have been recognized as one of the leading full service regional law firms in the Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Cairo Egypt. With an outstanding track record in Litigation, Arbitration in Corporate, Construction, Real Estate, property, Maritime, Insurance, Banking and Finance, criminal, employment IP, franchise, our UAE & EGypt firm has retained its reputation as one of the Egypt & UAE’s leading and most trustworthy local firms delivering an international level of service

We have dedicates superior and talented corporate and commercial lawyers who are serving the middle east and gulf region, Our corporate and business lawyers are in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, and Cairo Egypt as well.
We retain best & top local Egyptian and Emiratis Companies lawyers, attorneys and advocates will be helpful regarding interpretation, preparation or review of agreements regulated by company law, such as incorporation of companies, shares of local and expats partners.
We are advising our clients that the local law is different from their local laws, and they should not rely on their personal knowledge.
If you are international entity you should return to the best & top local Egyptian & Emirates U.A.E corporate & commercial lawyers, legal advisors and solicitors in Egypt & Abu Dhabi, Dubai – U.A.E's commercial department to ask best , top local legal corporate & commercial law consultants & attorneys about company law, incorporation of companies, or defense in corporate law in courts or arbitration in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. & Cairo Egypt, they will guide you the best practice in a foreign country that have a different legislation than you are familiar with.
No one will understand the local law like local Egyptian and Emirates U.A.E lawyers, attorneys and advocates.
Call our U.A.E, Dubai , Abu Dhabi or Cairo Egypt Bankruptcy Attorney and we will give business and corporate advise.

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