Avoid fake websites

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We Noted that there are many websites are created to cheat and steal money from people, in our area you will find a website claiming they are lawyers, moreover they can send you a letter that you can get huge amount of money because they have a deceased client have same nickname of yours.

For those who want to deal with any international entity and they want to transfer money please follow the next advices:

1 – Call the landline of this entity, make sure they are the correct people.

2 – If you are calling a mobile number be sure that they have the same international codes of country you are calling.

3 – Be sure you are transferring to a bank account of an entity.

4 – Ask for license of this entity.

5 – Call your embassy and ask them to check for you about such entity.

6 – for big amount don’t send before you be sure that you are sending to the right persons.

7 – If a website don’t have a telephone no this should give you suspicious.

For example of fake websites:


you will notice that there is not any telephone numbers and the cloned a website of another law firm.

Never rely on fake sites, Rely on best lawyers in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo Egypt, corporate, construction, criminal law