In Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Cairo Egypt our Family Divorce lawyers help clients for every aspect of family law from marriage, divorce, cancel of marriage, alimony, to child custody, As per Family Law in Egypt or the United Arab Emirates: the court may allow the wife who seeks to divorce alimony and parental rights with regard to children, and is not granting division of matrimonial property, and if you are looking for a lawyer to represent your case we are the right choice.

Our law firm’s offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Cairo Egypt since 1981 we earned accumulated of experience in family law because we handle all types of family law cases of divorce, marriage, child care and custodian, alimony, housing for custodian, cancel of marriage, objection for marriage or divorce cases, and much more family issues.

We understand that divorce and other issues dealt with in family courts can be painful and overwhelming issues to deal with. You need a lawyer who can help you through this difficult time. AL- Assa’edi dedicates professional family lawyers with experience to help our customers in every possible way. If you are looking for or your options for a divorce or other family court lawyer contact our family law firm to discuss your case with us to evaluate. It is very important that the family hire experienced and skilled family lawyer not only to prepare your case, but also to protect your rights. Cairo Egypt or U.A.E Dubai, Abu Dhabi family layers will deal with your issues with this approach, which combines energy and excellence. We are one of the largest regional family law firms, in terms of our ability who are considered among the best at what they do, and recognition of the “leaders in their field. You will have a specialized real work on your behalf, rather than bona fide all-rounder. Through multi-skilled team of family lawyers we offer you a full range of services designed to protect the interests of you, projects and family. In addition to helping in family problems, wills, buying a home, financial planning, marriage, child care & custody and alimony. We understand your situation, and what you want to achieve, our top professional family Lawyers will work to achieve those goals for you, using all the skills and expertise to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. We will be proactive and practical to produce results for you in divorce, marriage, child care & custody. We can be reached and can help you wherever you are staying in the world. We have to work for a lot of overseas family law customers, and some as far away as England and the United States, Norway, Japan and the Middle East as well as local to our offices. We can advise you on the most appropriate way to try to resolve any disputes that arise, either through negotiation, mediation and collaborative practices or litigation. Where there are children involved, we recognize the importance of taking into account the needs and feelings, while understanding that the work is often a positive and decisive may be in their best interest. We have great experience in advising international families with links to a number of different countries. Now society refers to our family law firm as one of the first international family law firms in Cairo, Egypt in Abu Dhabi, Dubai – United Arab Emirates – in divorce, marriage, child care and custody, alimony, and cases of alimony.

As per U.A.E law the mother has the right for custody of children for a specific age of 11-year-old for the male, and 13-year-old to female, but the judge can extend this age for the interests of the children giving mother the survival of custody to the male until puberty, the female to the age of marriage.

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