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UAE lawyers fees

we charge affordable fees

How to fire your lawyers

A: Yes, you have the right to fire your lawyer at any time. But, he or she usually will have the right to payment for any past work done for you.

What if I don't speak Arabic

We have English speaking lawyers like Arabic speaking lawyers

What's diffrence between a legal conultants and lawyers, attorneys, advocates

The legal consultant who is giving an perfect & precise legal consultancy to advice you about your situation in a specific legal matter, he can advise you to go to court or not to save your money and time, he can draft your contracts.

But the lawyers or attorneys, advocates, who can take your case to court and can represent you before the U.A.E Courts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi because they are licensed by competent authorities.

Do I need a lawyer?


A: It depends on your case. It is always a good idea to at least talk to a lawyer about your case. Some cases are simple enough that you may be able to handle your particular case without a lawyer as long as you do your homework, get help when needed, and are good at following rules and procedures.

But there are many cases that are very complicated and, without a lawyer, you could hurt or even lose your case, no matter how strong it is and how right you think you are

Why do I need a lawyer in a case involving wrongful termination or employment discrimination?

A: If you are suing your employer for employment discrimination or wrongful termination, you most likely will need a lawyer. Proving these cases is complicated and the employer’s lawyers usually fight these cases vigorously. To win this type of case, you must have a lawyer skilled in direct and cross-examination of witnesses and the rules of evidence.

Asking for a Custody Order

To set up a child custody and visitation order, you or the other parent must ask the court for an order. You can both also reach an agreement and have the judge sign it as a court order.  Learn how. 

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